Tridge Training Institute

***CNA Day and Night Class starting Tuesday May 26 are filling up quickly.  Openings are available at this time, Please do not let finances hold you back.  We have payment options available.  Please reserve your place in class ASAP.***


**Phlebotomy Day class starts Tuesday May 26, Please get a hold of us to reserve your place.**

Are you awaiting an income tax refund? If so, we will accept you as a potential student based on your refund, so that you can start CNA class ASAP. 

Refer a friend for an additional $50 off from your class! 

You can contact us directly, Jewelie Shukla (989) 708-9853 and Sandi McCann (989) 859-8838.

Financial options are available.

Please call or email anytime to sign up. 

Phone: 989.633.3068 


CNA and Phlebotomy schedule can be found at the following link:

Recent Graduation Photos: